Information research experts

EURO-PRO Gesellschaft für Data Processing mbH provides companies, tradespeople and freelancers in all industries with detailed information on the addresses and solvency of private individuals and businesses. We specialise in address research on customers and debtors with unknown addresses, with a particular emphasis on a multi-level research system. EURO-PRO checks information against its own up-to-date databases and, in its capacity as a credit agency, all relevant external address, relocation and credit agency databases. It is of the utmost importance that the information is up to date.

In addition to address research, we provide information on consumers’ solvency and undertake employer and probate research.

We thus offer our customers a wide range of services, allowing for effective receivables management.

Every year, EURO-PRO carries out research on some six million addresses and pieces of information, including one million queries to residents’ registration offices, for more than 35,000 companies and 15,000 lawyers throughout Europe. EURO-PRO is part of the international credit bureau group CRIF and is based in Grävenwiesbach, Germany.


Our success story

EURO-PRO means almost 20 years of accumulated expertise in the provision of information for professional receivables management.

EURO-PRO becomes a member of the international credit bureau group CRIF.

The innovative website is launched.

Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen Verwaltungs-GmbH acquires a participation in EURO-PRO Gesellschaft für Data Processing mbH. The company’s premises are expanded again and now cover 700 m2.

EURO-PRO Gesellschaft für Data Processing mbH takes over, relocates and fully integrates the operations of Datascore GmbH, Cologne.

EURO-PRO is honoured as one of the TOP 100 innovators among medium-sized German companies, with a prize awarded by the former state premier of Baden Württemberg, Lothar Späth, in Berlin. The company’s premises are expanded again and now cover 500 m2.

An exclusive sales partnership is agreed with Supercheck GmbH, Cologne (

EURO-PRO Gesellschaft für Data Processing mbH is established and the partner company NPP-Adress (the inventor of the multi-level success-oriented research system) is fully acquired. Production and process management are moved to a larger site of some 300 m2 in Grävenwiesbach as a result of a rapid increase in research volume and significant customer growth.

The partner company Niederhäuser, Prussog & Partner is established and entered in the partnership register in Frankfurt am Main as “NPP-Adress”. It is based in Frankfurt am Main and its object is to sell information services.

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