(A5) Continuous monitoring

The three-level EURO-PRO address research did not find a new address. You have old cases in your database for which all research attempts were unsuccessful. We subject these addresses to our continuous monitoring process. The monitoring can either take the form of follow-up research on past, unsuccessful address research at levels 1 to 3 or a new engagement involving this type of research. What does data monitoring mean? We regularly compare the address against our extensive database and external relocation and address databases (approx. 40 million people) for a time frame that you specify for up to 30 years. As soon as we find the new address, we check it for plausibility and carry out a deliverability check. You will only be charged if we are successful – that is if we can provide a new address that has been checked for deliverability. The continuous monitoring is free of charge. We will inform you by email in good time when the monitoring period ends. You can also cancel the engagement with two weeks’ notice. Would you like to apply for the product online? You will find the product on supercheck.de under "Supercheck 4 - Monitor Langzeitüberwachung"
  • Price: € 8.50
  • Discounts: on request
  • Costs: per result
  • Success rate: no information
  • Determination time: no information
  • Online available: www.supercheck.de
  • Available through an interface: yes

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