(A4) Express query to residents’ registration offices

You require the new address of a customer or debtor as fast as possible. An express query to residents’ registration offices offers you access to all information from the registration register that can be delivered at short notice. We will give you the new address (if available) within three to ten minutes or 24 hours. Before you request this, you can check for yourself if the express query is available for the person you are looking for. To make a request, you need the last known full address or just the first name, surname, postcode, city/town and date of birth. Would you like to apply for the product online? You will find the product on supercheck.de under "Supercheck 5 - Express Einwohnermeldeamtsanfrage ( EMA ) für Sonderfälle"
  • Price: €18
  • Discounts: on request
  • Costs: per finding
  • Success rate: 50-60 %
  • Determination time: 3 minutes to 24 hours
  • Online available: www.supercheck.de
  • Available through an interface: no

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