(A3) level 3 query to residents’ registration office

You require an official confirmation from the residents’ registration office. You initially chose our purely success-oriented research levels 1, 2 and 2+ (A2), and the result was negative. In these cases, we recommend isolated queries to residents’ registration offices. This gives you access to all manually and electronically connected residents’ registers from the approximately 5,200 residents’ registration offices in Germany. An isolated query will give you an official result from the residents’ register containing the current address of a person. The last known address will determine which registration office needs to be contacted. A simple query includes first names, surnames, academic titles and current addresses.

Research level 3: We handle queries submitted to residents’ registration offices in full. You can choose the maximum number of queries submitted. We charge per query.

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  • Price: €13
  • Discounts: possible as of 100 enquiries per month
  • Costs: per finding
  • Success rate: 50–60%
  • Determination time: Ø 2–12 working days
  • Online available: on request at www.supercheck.de
  • Available through an interface: yes

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